Friday, November 23, 2012

Canned Ham Travel Trailer

I noticed the unmistakable shape of a vintage canned ham travel trailer ahead of me on the highway as I drove to Thanksgiving dinner.  I wanted to get a good look at it and I had to speed to catch up.  I just managed to snap this picture as it took an exit off of the road.  Of course I had my camera set wrong, but I still got this image.  BUM it said on the back.. Bum, I thought.. Hmm,..

I've often felt like a bum going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  And I do like vintage travel trailers that others might consider junk.  I finally got to my exit and left the freeway.  At the stoplight there was a homeless guy.  As I looked at a text on my phone, he flipped the cardboard sign over he was holding and on the other side it said "Drive Safe"..  Is this guy a bum I wondered?  He probably lives in a cool vintage travel trailer, I thought as the light turned green and I drove off to get my free turkey dinner.


Jules said...

I think that the vintage trailer is cool, but I wonder what the deal is with the giant BUM sign, too!

Being invited to someone's Thanksgiving should be considered a treat and viewed as not just a free dinner, but some quality family time. That's how we look at it up here, anyway. I guess I should grow up and start having family Thanksgiving dinners at my house, instead of being the kid who's waiting for the invite to come to me. Ahhh, someday...

don said...

I guess nothing is really free, including TG dinner.. But I ate a lot anyway.