Friday, October 25, 2013

Aristocrat travel trailer at hunting camp

I took our Aristocrat travel trailer up to hunting camp last weekend.  It's way back in the woods of Washington state.  The larch trees are turning color and it was beautiful in the mountains.  The larch trees weren't in full cry yet but they were getting close and it was still pretty in the forest.


Jules said...

Really beautiful setting, this time of year it looks so colorful with the larch trees turning and all the low lying flora that's already changed. Nature has such a wonderful palette. Glad the trailer kept you warm! :)

don said...

The furnace works great!

Quiet Paths said...

Your old yellow truck just matches the golden larch. Lovely!

don said...

Yes that yellow color is called real tree larch.

Candace Maibes said...

Do you still have the original furnace? At some point mine was removed and not replaced. :(

don said...

Yes the trailer has the original Hydroflame furnace and it really works great. The nice thing about that type is that it requires no electricity and they will run forever on a small amount of propane.

I noticed yours had been removed in one of the pics you recently posted.

My slide in truck camper has a Hydroflame that I've used a lot too but it finally stopped working. I'd taken it apart and worked on it but it finally gave up the ghost.

So I just this weekend bought a "Buddy" heater to use. They are safe to use inside and run off of a canister. They will go 4 hours on one canister. Or you can buy a hose to hook up to a regular full sized propane tank to them, but the tank must be outside if you do that. It's a great way to go if you don't have a furnace and I'll post about it.

See if I can make you a link.