Thursday, July 31, 2014

Highline Trail in Glacier Park

Here's a picture I took of the highline trail in Glacier Park.  Sort of having Glacier on my mind lately.  I recently bought a bear bell for my pack and have some pepper spray.  Queenie has a bell also.  Thankfully we haven't had any encounters with bears in Glacier.  Both of us have seen them from the car or a distance a few times, but the last time I saw a bear from the trail was years ago.  That's not to say they aren't around..  A guy just shot and released a bear in the park last weekend.

It's so pretty up there though.  We made lots of noise and there were lots of people on the trail when we did the loop last time.  We won't be as far back in for a while now but bears are always on my mind in Glacier.


Jules said...

That's a really beautiful photo, HB! I love it! The idea of coming up on a bear freaked me out while we did that hike, but not enough to make me stay back at camp!

don said...

Thanks! I forgot I had this picture.

Candace Maibes said...

My whole family went to Glacier last month for a family reunion. My family and I would have gone but my mom seriously forgot to tell me. She opted not to go, and apparently that was that. Anyway, my relatives up there own Johnsrud Park I guess. Id really like to go one day. You guys look like you have so much fun up there.

don said...

Oh man, you missed out! Still time to go though as August and September in the park is really nice. We will be camped there again soon with the Aristocrat.

I used to go to Johnsrud Park fishing access outside of Missoula on the Blackfoot River. I have some crazy memories of rafting there when I was in school. It's really nice there as well especially in the early summer when the river is good for rafting. It's really beautiful along the river there.