Friday, August 01, 2014

Apgar Campground

Here's a picture of Queenie doing her toes at our camp in Apgar Campground in Glacier Park.  We like it there because there's a bike path that goes to the bus transfer station, Apgar and also West Glacier, as  well as good access to Lake McDonald.  There's also a dump station for the trailer that's easy to get to and use.

We figured out that we like campsites where we can have the door of our trailer facing the campsite.  So as we drive around the loops we prefer campsites on the right hand side of the road.  I also finally figured out how to unfold the little steps under the door of the trailer.  Duh.. 


Jules said...

That little step makes a huge difference! I think you just hadn't really looked at it before. Doing my toes in camp.. can't live without polished toenails! LOL

don said...

I goofed around with it and then gave up on it as I couldn't get it to move. I think it helps stepping out more than in.