Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Aristocrat travel trailer in Glacier Park

Here's a picture of our Aristocrat travel trailer in Glacier Park.  There's a little tear drop trailer in the distance going through the loop.  I really only saw two other vintage trailers.  The tear drop and one canned ham.  Both were really nice.  Ours will be nice with paint and a few repairs, but it works really well as it is.  We stayed in it a total of 6 days now and with the fridge running the whole time and have yet to use one propane bottle, and didn't need to charge the RV battery.  No need for a generator with this trailer.  I hate those things anyway.  If you are going to annoy people with a generator at least shell out for a Honda.

I was blown away by one massive triple axle fifth wheel some guy pulled through the campground.  My gosh.. It was huge, and only two people using it.  I wouldn't have had the nerve to pull that thing through there like that.  I had to wonder if they need a structure that big for camping why not just stay home?  They pulled into one spot and didn't stay.  I think because they couldn't extend all of the slide-outs.  When they built Apgar Campground I don't think they ever imagined campers that large trying to squeeze in.

There were a few Chalet style campers which look like an A frame pop up.  That seems to be the choice for people wanting a small camper these days.   I guess that would be my choice if I were forced to have a new camper.


Jules said...

You must have taken that photo right when you first pulled into camp! I loved our Glacier trips this summer. So much fun! Our trailer works well, and improves each time we use it, cuz now the toilet works better! :)

don said...

Yes it's very cozy. Will look a lot better painted. The toilet has a mind of its own I think. But it always works and is easy to drain.

Quiet Paths said...

We saw a couple vintage campers in loop B along with our Silver Queen when we went in July. We got the last spot at Apgar, I think and it was only 10 in the morning.

don said...

There were only three spots left when we got there on this trip. Thankfully the one we got was super nice. We've figured out that it's good to have a spot on the right hand side of the loop roads. That way the trailer door faces the campsite.

Our backup plan was to camp in one of the campgrounds around Hungry Horse.