Monday, August 24, 2015

Open letter to Chrysler Jeep and NHTSA


Dear Chrysler Jeep,

Stop sending me these worthless recall notices about my Jeep.  And shame on NHTSA for going along with this recall solution.

The problem: They put a Pinto exploding gas tank in Jeep models.

The solution:  They want to put a "trailer hitch" (that isn't designed to tow a trailer) on the back of the jeep to protect the gas tank.

The problems with that:

1. It won't keep the tank from exploding.

2. You can't tow a trailer with it and yet it has a 2 inch receiver on it.  Dear NHTSA, How many people do you think in the future when the safety decal on the phoney hitch is long gone are going to hook a boat or a trailer to these Jeeps with the so called "trailer hitch" that isn't designed to tow a trailer? It doesn't really solve the gas tank explosion problem, just adds another potential safety risk to our highways.

3. People don't know the hitch can't be used for towing until it is installed or find out like I did reading jeep forums.

4. They won't reimburse you if you've installed a quality and functional aftermarket trailer hitch.  But it's OK for them to put phoney hitches on all of these Jeeps.  Good grief!

I got on the waiting list at the local dealership and after months of not hearing anything I got tired of being on the waiting list, and tired of calling the service manager who clearly didn't want to deal with the problem, so I bought a class IV Draw-Tite hitch and installed it myself to proper specifications.  I thought maybe I'd be reimbursed. Save Jeep the problem, have a decent functional hitch and all they have to do is pay me the cost of the hitch. But no.

I sent in the receipt for the hitch to the reimbursement center.  Then I got a phone call.  At first the guy on the phone tried to say I didn't have proof of payment.  Which I pointed out as I kept an exact copy on my desk.  Only then he agreed I had proof of payment. (it was clear at that point they are trained to get out of paying out)  Then he said he had to talk to his manager.  She came on the line and said you have to install an OEM Jeep hitch and you can't get those.  How convenient for Jeep.  I couldn't even get the phoney one they are making for the recall.  I was told the wait "would be a while". So no reimbursement. They seemed to do everything they can to not pay out and not to take care of the problem.

Now they are offering a gift card for $100 for your inconvenience..  But you have to go in and have them evaluate your Jeep.  Like that would ever happen...

Well you aren't getting your hands on my Jeep or my new Class IV hitch!!  Stop sending me these stupid recall notices and just send me the $100.  Better yet, send me the cost of the new and quality hitch I bought.  I'll be able to afford a decent obituary for myself with that.

Shame on Chrysler, and  shame on NHTSA for going along with this farce.

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Jules said...


It's insane how many major car recalls have been in the news this year alone and how long the wait lists are for them all.

Which reminds me, I'd better call Kia about my undercoating recall.