Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Volkswagen diesel emission

Funny this should come up now.  In the last week the fall weather has been really nice.  Often the only times I get to be outside are to and from work.  I greatly value my time outside.  So I drive to work with my windows down or I ride my bike.  I just want to be in the fresh air for a while.  

I don't hate smokers, or carry on about them but I really don't  like following one in my car or having one go by while I'm on my bike.  I just want to value the way the morning smells or the fall air after work.  Someone smoking in a car will blow their smoke out and then I don't smell the air, I smell their smoke.  That happens every time I ride my bike.

That's one thing,  but what is worse are diesel trucks.  I have to say that I can't remember having a problem with a VW, but the trucks here are really bad.  I hate getting behind one on the way to work because they are usually going the same direction I am.  It just makes me feel ill.  I go from enjoying the morning air to rolling up the windows too late and cursing them all the way to work for robbing me of my time in the fresh air.  And why in the world are people driving giant trucks to work that are big enough to haul freight?  I can understand towing a trailer or something but not just driving it to work.

The other day on my way to work I got behind a Cummins powered Dodge and had to follow that black cloud all the way to work.  Couldn't have my windows down.  Then on my lunch hour, I was unfortunate enough to get behind this older guy and his wife in a giant diesel Ford Super Duty. They were in no hurry so I'm sure they didn't really have to be anywhere.  Again, windows up the whole way.  It seems to happen almost every day with these trucks.  Volkswagens, not so much.


Jules said...

I've definitely been there with the smokers and diesel trucks. But you're right, I've never really noticed any overage of air pollution coming from a VW car. There should be recalls on all of those black smoke producing vehicles.

don said...

The engines in the cars aren't as big either.