Thursday, December 10, 2015

People don't laugh when they are alone

The strangest thing.  People growing up and morphing into an older version of their high school self.  Men who try and maintain that same hair cut they sported in their senior photos.  Unwilling to change the radio station, stuck on that same classic rock and roll.  Listening to Hotel California and becoming the song.

And yet the young folk.. Covered in ink and glued to their phones.  How many funny videos can there possibly be?  Don't get me wrong, I like to watch the odd cat fashion show video from time to time.  Will they be at all like me? In ten years nostalgic for their old I_phone and all of the funny dog videos they used to watch. Or is it just impossible for me to ever understand?

I think I'd rather spend my online time reading reviews of Kirby vacuum cleaner salesmen, and find out who was able to talk the guy down to the best possible deal in the comments section.  Who could talk the guy down to only $800.  That seems to be as low as you can talk them down.  I saw a Kirby in a thrift store for $40 the other day.  I would have bought it but I already have one.  I've heard it said that a Kirby and a Royal are the best built cleaners you can buy.  Try telling that to the guy who just bought a Dyson.  What is going to happen when carpet goes out of style?

And what is going to happen to all of these stainless refrigerators when they go out of style?.. Well they will probably quit working before they go out of style.. I remember telling one of my friends years ago how I loved stainless steel sinks.  I guess that's not the same thing..

I've heard it said that people don't laugh when they are alone. I don't think that's true, but maybe that's why everyone is glued to their phone now.

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Jules said...

I'm trying to make a habit of laughing when I'm alone. It's really odd how everything that was once treasured by a generation is lost on the newer generations. It's up to us to teach them to value things. For Xmas, "Santa" put a bunch of retro stuff in Thanan's stocking. He LOVES the etch-a-sketch. Calls it "more high tech than his nintendo 3DS-XL", which Santa also gave him. The tried, tested and true things are the ones that maintain value and relevance. Hopefully he'll see the wisdom of which we are trying to instill in him now, as he gets older. It is a different time, and I think they key is staying relevant while continuing to value the important things of the past.