Friday, August 19, 2016

Chromcraft Dinette

I tend to keep buying mid century dinettes.  I found this Chromcraft table at a thrift store for $14.99.  It came with a leaf.  Good deal..!  The minute I saw it I knew what it was and knew I had to have it.  It did not have the chairs, and I'm still on the hunt for the matching ones, but I did find these tulip chairs at another antique store for about $30 each which I think work OK with the table.  I believe them to also be Cromcraft.  So I'm into this set less than $150.  I took this photo before I had it all cleaned up.  The chairs are in really good shape as is the table.  I'm going to try some of the new headlight polish on the chairs.  I'll do it on a spot that doesn't show first, but I suspect that the "Lucite" is acrylic actually and it should work fine, not that the chairs really need it.  The back side of the chairs is a matte finish and the seating side is gloss.  I'll just polish the gloss side of course.  I'll clean up the chrome as well.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of things I buy are really dirty.  This table was so dirty I could see why they were only asking $14.99 for it.  If the thrift stores and even some of the antique stores would just take the time to clean things up, they might be able to sell them for a lot more.  I guess part of the fun is cleaning the things up and feeling really good about how much you were able to improve the old crusty things..


Jules said...

I like it a lot! Can't wait to sit in those chairs.
I loved cleaning the chairs with the dinette at the cabin, they cleaned up nicely. Gives a person a sense of something great when you can improve something like that without diminishing the value.

don said...

Condition is everything with this stuff.