Friday, August 19, 2016

Rock Patio

While on vacation this summer, Queenie and I built a rock patio down by the lake.  We've been collecting flat rocks and turned a spot that was neglected to a nice place to sit and have a fire.  We re-purposed an old wood stove fireplace insert that we bought in BC into a fire pit that will draft and enclose. I'm going to install a short stove pipe and spark arrestor.

We cleaned up a bunch of brush and and trimmed dead tree branches then placed our rocks and wood stove. Then we filled it in and washed it off clean.  Queenie made a little garden for the milkweed which the butterflies like.
I had two old metal lawn chairs that I bought in St. Regis last year, and while we were antique hunting this summer we found two more that matched in Kalispell. I didn't buy them when we first saw them because I didn't have the truck to get them with.  Later, I figured we might as well have 4 matching chairs.  I actually have two more in Washington but one of those is a rocker so I figured I'd go ahead and buy the two in Kalispell as they were within reach and looked good.  I'm glad I did as I think they are really cool.  I did have to take the truck back up there to get them on a day when I was supposed to return to Washington, then I had to wait for the antique store to open as they were an hour late opening.  So I worked for those chairs and I paid a premium, but I'll probably have them for years.


Quiet Paths said...

Really nice job on the rock work. Did you get some from up at the Cliff? That will be a great spot for years to come. Thanks for your message. Very much appreciated. Be well!

Diane said...

That looks great Don!

don said...

Thanks Christine, we got most of the rocks along the Clark Fork in the St Regis area, some from around Thompson Falls and some from the Bonners Ferry area. Been collecting a while for this project.

Thanks Diane, a lot of the credit goes to Jules. Now just have to put in some Oregon Grape and whatever other plants she wants along with the wild rose that is already there. We left the milk weed I think it is for the butterflies.

Jules said...

I love our little rock patio.. just love it.

don said...

It's pretty great to have a fire down there at night.