Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bodie Miller in Olympics

Bodie Miller is certianly outside of the bubble. I can respect that. I got to see him ski once and he really is amazing. He left the US Ski team and is doing his own thing. I thought the criticizm of him at the Olympics in Torino was totally unfair.

Miller was on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel this week and talked about leaving the US Ski Team. It sounded to me like they didn't give too many options, but I've only heard his side of the story. As far as the Olympics go, the media put all of these expectations on him to win every event in Torino. That just doesn't always happen in ski racing. We wouldn't know because until recently our ski racing coverage has been so limited. So of course the public was disappointed.

I had to edit this because the google seach made it look like I was criticizing Bodie Miller which I am not. It made it sound like my criticism of past Olympic TV coverage was criticism of Miller. My complaint is with the media not Miller. Sometimes google searches can be very misleading.

Anyway I hope Miller does go to the Olympics but I can understand why he wouldn't.

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