Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Running in the snow

Nothing stops some people from running. I really don't get it... I sort of get it, but I don't get it. This couple lives at the foot of a great ski resort and they aren't skiing, they are running on an epic pow day. "Let's go for a run with the dog honey."


Well I don't have a wife or a dog, and perhaps if I did I'd be willing to run with them in a snow storm. I seriously doubt it though. The last time I ran in the snow I think it was at a track meet in Butte Montana. I froze my hind end off. They had to force us out of the school bus. Track took all of the fun out of running for me. I was a sprinter when I was in school and was the anchor man on a relay team. It's not that I need to have fun while I'm working out either, and I often don't have fun when I cycle, but the bike can be fun at times. Skiing is always fun for me, but after track I never wanted to run again.

You couldn't even pay me to run now,.. but this couple seems to enjoy it. I don't think the dog knows any better.


Diane said...


The dog is probably just happy to be outside.

don said...

You might be right,. but the dog reminds me of myself when I was in track.