Monday, March 09, 2009

Laundry boy

This is how the drive down the mountain looked Saturday. It was a real snow storm. I know you shouldn't talk on a cell phone when you drive... Photography is different...

I was talking to Diane about some of the conversations I have had with strangers on the chairlift. Some of the people you kind of temporarliy bond with. She said there was this "single serving friend" concept in the movie Fight Club. I thought that was a good way to look at it. It sounded to me like something Andy Warhol might have come up with.

I rode up the chairlift with a young woman this weekend and struck up a conversation. I asked her what she did, and she said she worked in the laundry at the hospital. Well when I was in school I had a job in a motel laundry. My title was Laundry Boy. Yes they had a position called laundry boy... Of course only boys were hired to be laundry boys.

I worked in the laundry room, of all places, with all of the maids. (housekeepers) All of the maids were girls. My duties were different than the maids. I mostly did laundry, although I did wash glasses and put them in paper wrappers. I took the job as a stepping stone to become a desk clerk. (I was a climber in the hospitality industry.) So after a summer of being laundry boy, I had learned all of the rooms in the motel and knew what beds were in each one. So then I became a desk clerk. Night clerk actually and it was a good job to have while going to school, and a big step up from the laundry boy position.
I observed that women never promoted out of the maid position into the desk clerk position. There were several female desk clerks however, but no female night clerks after one of them got tied up and robbed. I always thought I'd be robbed, and I think I came close one night but it never actually happened.

Anyway I had a lot to talk about with this girl who worked in the hospital laundry. Of course hospital laundry is slightly different than motel laundry. We talked about washers and dryers and folding laundry. This sort of thing. I really enjoyed the conversation.


Diane said...

That looks like a pretty nasty drive coming down the mountain!

It sounds like you had a nice conversation with that hospital laundry girl. :)

My dad worked nights in a hotel as a bell hop and desk clerk for a few years. I'm sure it was a good job for him at the time.

There was a hotel in Cedar City that got robbed a couple times. The mayor's son was the desk clerk at the time and got held up. Nothing happened to him but I can imagine it must have been terrifying.

don said...

It was a difficult drive even after I got off of the mountain both days pretty much and last night after work too.

I often felt like a sitting duck when I was a desk clerk.