Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Little green tomatoes

I've been sitting here trying to reach the mosquito bites on my back. I got them last weekend painting. I've counted four of them... I've seen them in the mirror. On my way home in the car they started to itch, and I was thinking, "I need an implement to scratch them with, what do I have in the car that would work?." I was rubbing against the seat back. That just wasn't enough. Then it came to me.. I have my paint scraper right behind the seat within reach! It worked perfect and hit the spots. It was exactly the right size and shape. I couldn't have found a better thing to scratch my mosquito bites with, and I didn't even have to pull the car over. They could market these as paint scrapers, that also work as back scratchers.. Or back scratchers that also work as paint scrapers.. I thought as I drove.

Summer is starting to sink in. Little green tomatoes are starting to appear on my plants. Little rabbits are starting to appear in my yard. I'm thankful because last year my plants were a disaster. The rabbit ate all of the leaves as I planted them in the ground. But this year I put them in pots on my deck. They are easier to deal with up there anyway.

That children's story keeps coming to mind. I never thought I'd be the old farmer dude that came to heads with the rabbit. But it's all starting to make sense. My role as the villan is becoming clear over time. This year I'm only growing tomatoes but the older and more farmer-esque I get, the more desire I have for a graden. Strange how that works. I even have a farmer tan... but I still think of it as a bicycle tan.


Jules said...

In my neighbourhood, it's still being developed and close to the edge of the city, so there are literally dozens of jack rabbits here. I was feeling pretty thankful that they were leaving my back yard and veggie garden alone, until the other night when one was spotted approaching my pumpkin patch. I couldn't let that happen, so on went my garden shoes and I ran out the door hissing at it to leave the yard. Part of me felt so badly for that, afterall, it was only trying to eat... but dammit, I want those pumpkins to grow!!

don said...

See.. You can relate. There comes a point in life when you have to take sides. You've sided with us farmers.

Down with the rabbits!