Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Flathead River

Here's a picture of the Flathead River. I drive along it on my way to Flathead Lake. The water comes from the Glacier Park area through Flathead Lake and then it merges with the Clark Fork River a few miles from here and goes on into Idaho. You can't tell in this picture but it usually has a turquoise color.

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Jules said...

We have a turquoise lake near here 2 hours away called Abraham Lake. Brilliant beautiful color and when you take in the colors of the rock, trees and other vegetation it just is soooo awesome! I love going there!

don said...

Perhaps someday I'll check it out. I know you have some very beautiful country up there.

Jules said...

I'm sure you'd love the mountains and lakes here! The thing that seems to be lacking is the wildlife... they insist it exists, but it's pretty hard to come by! LOL

don said...

I went up there with my family when I was young and remember some serious mountains.

Curious about the wildlife.. (?)