Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Homeless people

Where is home? There's no question about it when you are young. I guess for some people it's pretty clear. "Go Home!" I say to a dog if I find it in my yard. And it trots off,..but looks back at me as if to say I'm leaving but I really don't know where I'm going..

I guess if you are single and don't have a family you really don't have a home. I might have made a good homeless person. I think that's the most pure form but I'd have to get rid of my stuff. Home is a place to put your stuff. I admire people who don't have a lot of stuff. They travel light. Homeless people travel light..

There are people who had it all. They had a husband. They had kids. They had a house. They had a home. For years it went on like that. But then..

The kids grew up and left, The husband died. And then they had a house full of stuff, but was it still a home?

There are people who had it all. They had a mother, they had a father, they had a sister, they had a brother, but now they are alone.

I always felt at home on my bike. Always going somewhere. Always moving. Without a lot of stuff.

I think the heat has finally gotten to me..


Diane said...

I like traveling light too, but I feel I have a lot of stuff.

I wish I had a home. :(

It's good you have a home. :)

Jules said...

Never an inkling to settle down and make a little family so you could call a place home and mean it?

Actually, sometimes (and this is just between you, me and your lurkers) I wish I had far less connectivity to where I am as well.. freer to just go and do and see. I guess I can resume that dream in about 15 years. LOL

don said...

I like having stuff but no doubt I have too much of it and I keep getting more Diane. It's good I have a place to put it all.

Freedom can be a very good thing Jules. I can't complain.