Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Clark Fork River rocks

Last week I stopped and wandered along the Clark Fork River in western montana looking for rocks and taking pictures. I was looking for that one special rock that I needed for my project. Click on the photo if you really want to rock out man!

It was misty, quiet and kind of eerie along the river that morning. I parked my car at a fishing access and started to roam along the river taking pictures and looking for rocks. I went through a muddy section and and saw some cat tracks. It wasn't a bobcat or anything like that due to the size and the stride. It was a mountain lion/ cougar. A mountain cat. I've seen a lot of cougar tracks in this area along the river and saw one run across the road infront of my car not too far from here. My mom saw a great big one as did one of my friends. The one my mom saw sounded like it was really big from what she described. The one I saw was medium sized.

Anyway it put me on edge a little while I was out of the car. I don't mind bears so much. They are kind of la de da about things, but not moutain lions. If they take an interest in you they don't just let it go. These weren't the biggest cat tracks I've seen but they were big enough.


Jules said...

Wow... on so many levels! We just don't see that type of wildlife around here. I'd probably pee my pants!

What special project? Anything project wise to do with your colorful montana rainbow rock has got to be beautiful!!

don said...

Notice that there aren't any claws showing in those tracks. Mountain lions retract their claws. Not only do we have mountain lions we also have wolves.

I followed those tracks for a while and the cat did grab in once and show its claws in the mud.

Jules said...

Death wish, Don? You followed the large cat's tracks? What would you have done if you'd seen it? Do you carry a rifle?

don said...

I would have taken its picture.. I was armed with my camera.

The tracks were at least a day old, but it could have been around there somewhere. I think there's quite a few in that country. I probably wouldn't know until it was on my back with its mouth on my neck.

Quiet Paths said...

I really like the rock photo. What a great angle. As for mountain lions.... no, you don't want to attract their attention. I know our cats would eat us if they were bigger. It's just in the cat nature.

don said...

Thanks. There must be quite a few mountain lions along the Clark Fork and St. Regis rivers these days. I saw one by Lookout and my mom and friend saw them in the $10,000 bar area. And this was on the Clark Fork.