Monday, December 28, 2009

outside of the bubble

What do you want for Christmas?.. You don't have to get me anything mom, I already have everything I want.. Well if you don't tell me something soon you'll get something you don't want. Well alright then,. get me an MP3 player. What does it do? she asked. Well it records music and stuff.

It also trys to record all of my pictures every time I copy music to it despite my efforts to turn that feature off. That's really a pain. I'd be happy to have one that didn't bother with pictures, or at least let you turn it off. What am I going to do with a thing like this that has my pictures on it?

Welcome to the modern world, a co-worker said..


Vixey said...

Lol. Make a slide show to the music.:-)
That's my best suggestion. I'm not up to date on technology (or the modern world for that matter). lol

don said...

That's a good idea Vixey. I wish I could make it do that..

At least I got it to stop downloading everything the moment I plug it in. Now it only adds pictures (at random) when I start to sync music.

I'm going to try and upgrade my media player. Perhaps that's the problem as my laptop is already 2 years old.

Jules said...

We're sony twins... except mine's red. Cheers!!

I never sync... I just click and drag files... then it never puts stuff on that I am always trying to get rid of. Of course, I slip up once in a while and end up having to delete pics off of it. But not often. I love that I can hook it up to my car radio...

don said...

Thanks Jules, I'll give that a try.