Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ice fishing

Who says ice fishing isn't a form of self-expression like fly fishing?.. This guy reminds me of a conductor I once had in orchestra, and that's pretty much the same view I had from the back of the second violin section too.

I think it takes a special person to really get into ice fishing. My dad used to be into it and would drag me out of a warm bed in the morning and in the winter to stand out on a frozen lake. I always froze to death.

And what did he do with the fish we caught?.. He froze them..

On the subject of self-expression, blogger isn't letting me make this text look the way I want (like I used to be able to.) It's adding spaces where I don't want and I can't seem to remove them. That really sucks for song lyrics.. I'm sure it's me not understanding the code, but as a result I just won't write what I want.

It reminds me of how bad Word got. If I don't put in a space, then I don't want a space. When it comes to text, I just want it to look like how I type it. Is that too much to ask?

I'm surprised they're letting me use more than one period.... I'm ranting.... I'm really not crazy about rant blogs. Honestly. I don't want to be that blogger.


Diane said...

I went ice fishing once or twice. I thought it was kind of fun. We caught a lot of fish. My dad was working with some heavy duty chemicals at work at the time and the fish stayed away from his lines until he started having me bait his lines for him. :)

Sometimes Firefox will pop up a "quick find" bar if I type in an apostrophe. I had to google the problem to find a solution.

Everyone wants us to conform in some way, to fit their bubble they have for us. Someone told me recently that I don't fit in any particular box. I kind of like that idea. :)

don said...

My dad was like a big old bear. He'd wait forever at that hole for one little fish. I think he attracted fish though.

Hm, I didn't think of trying a different browser. I was using Firefox but lately I've been using Explorer.

I do need to upgrade my Firefox browser though.

Diane said...

Also try checking the html side of things if it's putting spaces and returns where they shouldn't be. I sometimes do that if I'm trying to insert a video or move a photo.

The newest Firefox isn't bad; for whatever reason it was "crashing" every time I closed the browser but I don't have that problem anymore.

don said...

I'll type a line and then hit return. It automatically adds a space that I don't want. And I can't figure out how to get rid of it in the code if I go into HTML. I used to be able to figure this out.

Jules said...

I've never tried ice fishing. Or maybe I did as a kid once or twice but I froze the brain cells that were destined to remember it all goin down.

when you do your post, go to the other view, I forget what it's called and delete some of the extra "p" tags they put in (excet they'll be in these bracket things: < > . Those start a new paragraph, and therefore add space. But for every "p" there's an end one "/p" that needs deleting too, or it'll mess up even further. Good luck!!

don said...

Thanks Jules, I don't remember seeing the P tags in there. That's why it was confusing. I made a new post and I didn't have the same problem, so perhaps I did something that goofed up the code without knowing.

Jules said...

Blogger constantly adds in its own tags. It's really frustrating. But glad it worked out.

don said...

I should have just started over. Something got added that I didn't understand. When I did that in another post it worked the way I wanted.