Friday, January 15, 2010

US Figure Skating Championships

I got tickets again to the US Figure Skating Championships through our company which treated us. It's really great. Today I saw the pairs short program and tomorrow I'm going to see the Pairs Final. I like the pairs because you get to see both men and women, and I like seeing those lifts and throws.

It was hard for me to get good results with the little camera, so I might take my regular camera tomorrow. Anyway it it's great to watch. I think just about anyone would enjoy it. There are still tickets left so if you are near Spokane you should take it in.


Diane said...

These still look like great photos!

Figure skating is so much nicer to watch in person . . . .


don said...

I finally changed the white ballance and then things looked more normal and the camera worked better.

On TV the camera follows them all the time and it's hard to know where they are on the ice. So you kind of loose that aspect of their performance on TV.