Friday, December 04, 2009

Clear and cold

I came across this picture that I took last year so I thought I'd post it again. The weather has been much the same lately. Clear and cold, except the moon has been full. I live off to the left of this shot in the distance. I can hear the train that goes on these tracks at night.

There isn't really enough snow to ski yet even though they have it open. I'm more than ready for my first turns. It's been snowing so perhaps I'll be on my skis soon.


Vixey said...

Come to Alberta there's plenty of snow here. Thanks to yesterdays blizzard.

don said...

We could sure use some of that snow.

Jules said...

I keep trying to shovel it down south for you. You getting any of it yet?? We're expecting more snow tomorrow.

This photo is superb!

don said...

Thanks, I like this picture too. It's a little grainy but if you click on it you can see a star next to the moon. As usual I shrank down the resolution.

It's still isn't snowing. Just clear and cold.

Did you plant a flag on the north pole for me yet? :)

Quiet Paths said...

Don, here too there just is not enough snow for skiing yet. We had minus 9 this morning. I really like the way your photo relays that clear, cold chill.

Matt says those telecaster ukes are not good. He would suggest a Kala or Ohanu. We could get you one of those cheap, if you are truly interested in growing the ukulele love!

don said...

I was sort of kidding about the telecaster ukulele. But I do think there might be a regular ukulele in my future now thanks in part to you.

I recently bought a new Fender Telecaster electric guitar as I've alwasy wanted one. Got a white standard one for some country twang.. I really love it.

I'm a big Johnny Winter fan. Saw him in concert and played some of his stuff myself when I was a player.

Thanks for the info and offer, I'll keep it in mind.

Jules said...

I didn't, but if you really want me to, I'll hunt down an American flag and dedicate one of the giant hills of snow in my back yard just to you!!! ;OP

don said...

Cool! I'd love to see the stars and stripes planted in your yard!

Jules said...

Send me a miniature flag and I'll make it happen! ;O)