Saturday, November 28, 2009

A walk in the park

I got out with the camera for a while and here's a picture I took at a park I used to play in as a kid. Everyone was at the Griz game and I ended up watching the amazing second half comeback with a couple of my friends.


Diane said...

That's a nice path. It must have been nice that day, but especially nice to walk along during the summer.

don said...

It was a very nice day for the time of year.

Jules said...

I had to look hard to see the playground, I was too captivated by the trees!!

don said...

I used to ride my bike on those little paths. Sometimes our teacher would walk us to this park for a picnic. That was a huge deal for us inmates/ students.

I don't think they realized how much like a prison our school was for us. Well it was for me anyway..

Diane said...

I once went to a middle school (I think it's an elementary now, but when I went it was for 6th and 7th grade students) that looked like a prison. It seemed built like one too.

don said...

My gradeschool looked like an institution both inside and out.

They housed about 30 kids in each cell and didn't allow us to talk to eachother. A bell would ring and they lined us up and marched us out for 15 minutes in the yard twice a day. That is unless you were in detention..

I served an 8 year sentence there. I'm still trying to figure out what my crime was..

Vixey said...

I like this picture, it reminds me of a park my grandmother used to take us to as young children.
It was a huge lot with tall trees and lots of open space. There was a narrow path running through it and to one side there was a small playground.
The whole thing probably wouldn't seem nearly as big now. I'd sure love to go there again someday.Oh the fond memories.

don said...

This park isn't that big just my lens makes it look that way. It did seem big when I was a kid though. There are a few paths that go through it. One makes a loop and that made it fun to ride a bike on.

There was a circular wading pool across the street that got deeper in the middle. It had a sidewalk all the way around it. I'd ride my bike on the sidewalk and then jump into the pool with it and ride around in the water.

That park was only a block or two from my house. We'd go to that wading pool in the summer. It was really nice.