Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ribbons and bows

She used to tier her hair up in ribbons and bows,
sign her letters with X's and O's..

I knew a girl like that.


Diane said...

I like that song. :)

And she must have been a pretty girl.

Vixey said...

Are you quoting a song? Seems to me I heard a song with those words. Can't remember the name of it but I think it was a country song.

don said...

Yep Vixey, it's a country song. I had a couple of girls who liked that song.

Jane used to sing it Diane.

Jules said...

I don't think I know the song. It sounds sort of sad. But anybody who signs off x's and o's has got to be a good person, yeah? :O)

don said...

Maybe they don't play this song in Canada? One of the lines goes,

"she's an American girl.."

But Canada is in North America too..