Thursday, November 26, 2009

The road home

Here's a picture I took going home for Thanksgiving. I don't know exactly what to say about it. The food was good and the road was dry, and I made it right on time. So everything worked out. Plus there was a lot of turkey left over and I think that's always the best part about Thanksgiving.

Have you ever gone somewhere for Thanksgiving and they tried to serve something other than Turkey? I usually feel a little ripped off. I know someone who always tried to do that. "We're having ham this year.." It's usually good and everything but it just isn't the same. And the leftovers aren't the same. Like leftover Pizza. Leftover steak. Leftover tacos.

Not the same.


Jules said...

Sometimes here, people will make a ham. Not the preformed kind, but the actual rough cut of pork with the bone still in. They do it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's acceptable... but yeah, I do always feel a bit disappointed if it's not turkey! Especially since making my own and I know how much effort goes into it!!

don said...

My german grandmother used to make picnic ham like that. Usually for Christmas though.

I make those when I can find them.

Quiet Paths said...

Tradition runs deeply; it's hard to imagine anything else. Ham is .... lame.

For Xmas we have prime rib. Now those are leftovers! This made me smile; thanks for a fun read.

don said...

Prime rib... When's dinner?