Monday, November 02, 2009

You aint goin to no bar!

"You aint goin to no bar!" I heard from the next isle in the hardware store. Some redneck father scolded his little daughter. "If you don't shut up you're gonna wait out in the car!" The mother added as they came around the corner into my isle. My gosh I thought.. "In ten years you can go to the bar," the father croaked. "You can to to the bar..and..grill.. " the father added, "But you aint goin to no bar!."

Good grief! I thought. They went past me in the bolt section and walked away. The little girl following along behind not saying a word. She was all of ten years old.

How I wish I had a daughter like that I thought as I watched them walked away. We'd never have a conversation like that. I'd enroll her in girl scouts and teach her how to tie a BOWLINE knot. I'd get her a camera and tell her how nice her pictures looked. I'd give her dance lessons and let her pick out a shelter dog.

But we wouldn't be talking about going to no bar.

The rabbit comes out of its hole, around the tree, and back down its hole... That always confused me. But if you're going to learn one knot, learn how to tie a bowline. They shouldn't graduate people from college until they can tie it.

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Jules said...

OMG... you know there's something drastically wrong when that conversation is going on with someone so young. I like your ideals for raising a daughter a whole lot better than that family!!! Disgraceful, they are!