Monday, February 01, 2010

Ski bum

I've been skiing a lot lately so I've gone back through some recent pictures and decided I should post one. I get used to this view looking east with Montana off in the distance.

(click on the picture to get the don's eye view)

Skiing is getting so expensive that it's kind of hard to be a ski bum anymore. That's kind of sad. I'd like to just drop out of everything and be a ski bum but I can't afford to..

Hm,.. I never thought I woudln't be able to afford to be a bum.


Jules said...

LOL.. can you take a collection from the people you ride up with? ;O)

It's gorgeous, I can see it's attraction..

don said...

You'd have to collect a lot to ski one day.

Diane said...

Aw. That is a nice photo Don. It must have been a chilly day though.

don said...

If I remember that day wasn't too bad. It has been cold up there recently though.

Quiet Paths said...

Splendid shot - boy oh boy. My thoughts exactly about the price of skiing. Matt and I were just talking yesterday about the 12 buck Boomer's Day.

don said...

Give me a rope tow and a strong pair of leather gloves. I'll be there!

I'm gonna spend my last dollar skiing. :)