Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympic tickets

Let the games begin!,.. without me.. Well it's a long story, but I won a company vacation last year. It was money towards a vacation. So I thought I'd go to the winter olympics and watch a few ski races as it's so close to Washington State. But my winter olympic dream was soon put on ice.

I pre-registered with co-sport, and then waited and waited for months for tickets to become available to people in the states. When they did I was on the ready. I soon had two good ski racing tickets in my computer shopping cart. Women's combined and one men's race, I want to say it was GS but I can't remember now. While I had those tickets and before I checked out, I went on another computer to see about lodging. It soon became obvious that I couldn't afford lodging. What was available was totally out of reach for me even with the extra trip money I'd won. They weren't releasing hotels anywhere. What you could get was like $600 a night with 3 and 5 night minimums, and also a big lodging tax added on, not to mention I'd have to travel there and eat.

So I decided to forget going to the olympics and just go skiing instead. I'm still a little bitter about that. I guess the Olympics aren't for guys like me. I guess they've postponed the women's combined now do to rain and fog. So I wouldn't have gotten to see it anyway. I always knew that was a possiblilty.

I guess I'll be skiing in the fog myself this weekend,. Outside of the bubble..


Diane said...

Aw! Don't be bitter!

Enjoy the skiing!

don said...

I'm not really,.. I'll get over it anyway,. But I keep getting e-mails from Whistler trying to get me to go skiing there. Kind of rubs salt in the wound.

It's the last place on my list of places to ski at this point.

I have to say that the woman I talked to at Whistler trying to work something out was very sweet and kind. I can't remember her name.

Jules said...

Aw well, Don... there are live feeds and you don't have to get cold feet watching it. I'm loving it!

don said...

The coverage hasn't been as bad as in the past. Perhaps they're getting the idea.

So I modified my post. I'll criticize them later, but so far so good.