Friday, April 02, 2010

Chairlift pictures

Just when I was getting tired of taking chairlift pictures... Hey, I wanted to be on that chair! Well to get more pictures of course...

I asked this liftie if I could take a picture of her shirt. She scans your pass so you can get on the lift. It says, "my job is better than your vacation". I wanted to get a better shot of it so you could read it, but she gave me such a cute pose and smile I just had to go with the first one.


Jules said...

LMAO!! So what does one do with a blow up doll on a mountain anyway?! I guess I could think of a few things. So funny! No wonder that chick has that shirt on.. if she sees stuff like that often enough she's probably quite amused working there!!

don said...

Well I suspect it was because of April Fool's Day. And if you put the safety bar down then the blow up doll is right infront of you like,.. well.. :)

I really wanted to be on that chair but they took it right back off.

The lift operators there are great. She's been a sweetie all year.