Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skiing and boarding pictures

It was windy on the mountain today. Second to the last day here, and what a great day to end the season on. It takes a lot more nerve to drop in like this than you'd think. It's much steeper than it looks.

Here we are making our way over to the cornice. That's Hans on the left. The wind was just blasting up the hill there. It was really cool!

Snowboarders getting ready to take a run, It was such a nice day and the snow was great!

My friend Stephen rocking a new full face helmet. I used to be able to beat this kid, but not any more!.. He's super fast in the race course. A national champion!


Jules said...

That all looks like it was such a great time! I really love the snowboarder jumping photo. Really cool action shot! I think my favorite part about the photos is the wind blowing the snow.

don said...

It was really brutal standing in that wind on the edge like that. It was actually worse earlier in the day.

Diane said...

Nice clear days! Too bad the wind was being harsh.

don said...

It wasn't too bad Saturday when I took these pics. Just a little on the top of the mountain. But Sunday it really did get harsh. It would just sandblast your face.