Monday, November 15, 2010

Following coyote tracks

On my way to hunting camp Friday night I drove past the Community Church, and past the LDS. Past the Maranatha Church and past the Open Bible. Past the Slavic Baptist church where they'll give you a headset to listen to the service in English instead of Russian. Then past the Seventh Day Advents and on up into the woods.

"This is the day the Lord has made", I thought as I walked up the road following a set of coyote tracks that followed a set of deer tracks. Something I remembered from a sermon I heard on my shorwave radio the night before in the camper. That old preacher sounded to me like he'd had a little too much to drink I thought as I followed along in those tracks.

Darkness fell upon the forest and I got in the truck and drove back home. Past the Seventh Day Advents. Past the Slavic Baptist Church. Past the Open Bible and the Maranatha. Past the LDS and past the Community Church.


Jules said...

Don, this post made me go "Hmmmmmmm...." and I gave the words you wrote great thought as I studied your photo.

I guess whichever religion you believe in, there's always a spiritual entity guiding you, creating days like that, and giving opportunities to enjoy what's been set before you.

don said...

true. It seems there's a lot of options when choosing the right path to follow.

And I guess it's nice to see the day the Lord has made from outside all of those structures people have made.

Christine said...

Yep, I hear ya' brother. That is a picture of the holy to me.

don said...

We seem to turn everything into a a consumer item. You'd think one church would do.