Friday, November 19, 2010

Montana pickup truck

This is what I looked like the last time I drove my pickup back from Montana. I wonder if they could give me a ticket for taking pictures while driving. It might take a while to find someone to ask.

One time I was outside of the truck taking pictures along this stretch of highway. You could see for miles down the road in both directions and not another soul in sight. Finally along came a guy in a pickup. I could see him coming for along way. He pulled up beside me and stopped. "Just taking pictures." I said. "You'd better pull it off of the highway.. Trucks come along here pretty fast and you'll get hit." He said with urgency. I looked up and down the road,. Nothing.. "Ok, Thanks." Then he drove off into the distance and out of sight and I was alone again.

I'd better move my truck off the road I thought. Maybe when I get done taking pictures..


Jules said...

LOL.. I have been known to take a pic or two while driving. I'm certain it's not legal.. but sometimes it just seems necessary!

LOL'd at the urgency of the guy's voice. But I guess he didn't know he was talking to someone who was so safety conscious themselves!

don said...

There wasn't much of a shoulder and I was about half off the road. The only real safety issue there was the possibility of a rattlesnake off in the grass. I didn't want to get out of the truck and step on one.

You can see cars coming for miles.