Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Olive Lake reflections

Here are some reflections of the trees and the mountain in Olive Lake with old trees resting under the surface of the water.

It's been raining a lot and I haven't been outside much lately. I think it's starting to get to me. Well it's almost time to go to late camp and drink of the spirit water with the hunters of ten tribes..

I already voted. We have mail in ballots here and I'm totally sold on that system. You can go through the pamphlet and really understand the things you are voting on and take your time with it. Then you aren't waiting behind someone who has gone to the polling place unprepared. I used to hate that. Plus they had to verify you and all of that. This way you get your ballot in the mail and it works slick.


Jules said...

That's a great photo! At first I thought there was shoreline in it, but then I realized when I blew it up that the whole photo is the reflection! Really cool capture!

I wish we had mail in ballots. I'm certain more people would vote if we did.

don said...

I thought it was a wierd picture.