Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Block heater in my ski car

I read quite a few blogs as I'm sure lots of you do. Some people really have a gift for letting you know what they are doing and thinking and it draws you in. I wish I could be more like that, without totally letting the whole world know what I'm doing..

I really would love to blog about work. There's so much material there. Honestly. I could go on and on about each person, but I made a few rules when I started this blog, and one of them is to not talk about work.. stupid rule.., but a rule none the less..

And I have other blog rules, I won't go into them all. It's more of a formula actually but I guess you'd never know. Another rule is to not talk about my private life. Like my relationships with my friends and such. So I pretty much don't talk about the people in my life except for when my mom had cancer. It doesn't leave a whole lot to talk about.

Having said that, I'm going up to the far north to see my queen. It gets so cold up there that I decided to install a heater in my ski car so I could plug it in at night to keep it warm so it will start in sub whatever temps. They have a different scale to measure temperature up there and nobody can tell really how cold it is. It's sort of like the thermometer on my camper. The numbers all faded off of it so I wrote hot on the top and cold on the bottom. I still use it,.. I just look at it and think,.. well I can see that it's pretty cold.. Anyway I had to try and hunt down a heater that would work in my car. I ordered in a lower radiator hose heater, and tonight put the thing in. It took a couple of hours. So far so good but who knows how cold it will get?


Lené Gary said...

Your post reminds me a of a "blogging manifesto" I read recently in which the blogger clearly defined what he would and would not do on his blog--it was pretty fun.

I can appreciate one's desire for privacy and yet the desire to also share one's life with others. The web challenges us to consider how we navigate that fine line every day that we decide to blog.

Have a great trip. Happy Holidays.

don said...

When I started I made a formula and I've tried to stick to it.

I've always seriously wanted to blog about work, and it's a huge temptation for me. I have a few people reading this so for now I can't. Plus it would probably expose me as being just as insane as everyone else..

But still much, of it is rich and too valuable to just discard. Pretty much every day there's something. So I'll probably write about it sometime somewhere.

I wish you a very happy holliday season too.

Jules said...

Blogging rules are important to stick by. It's not just fellow bloggers or co-workers, but family sometimes catches on and finds you too. Well, that's a problem on my blog, anyway.

Hmmm.. maybe I ought to hunt down a dual Farenheit/Celcius thermometer and find a way to get it to you. Can't have you living in a confused state of mind. Having said that.. there's something really cute about the whole "well, it looks cold" thing. LOL

Once again, I'm impressed with your ability to do what you set your mind to. Also, with your attention to detail and thoughtfulness about the little things anyone else would overlook.

Safe journey, Don!! I'm sure it will be a very Happy Holiday for you!

don said...

Thanks you too!

I have a calculator thing on my new phone that does it. But I haven't gotten used to it yet.