Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dressed to ski

I love a woman in a dress. I wish they'd wear them more often..

Woops,.. I didn't publish comments on this post because I didn't explain the picture well enough. Sometimes things get lost in the translation. This girl wears a dress for religious reasons. It looks kind of funny for skiing but I think it's pretty awesome.


Jules said...

LOL!! I still say I'd wear a dress more often if I had better legs.

And I still say it looks a bit strange on a ski hill.. but I respect different dress for different religions.

I can see how it would catch one's eye though.

don said...

Kind of a throw back to a different time.

Anyway it was my bad.

Diane said...

I just hope she's wearing a warm base layer!

don said...

She had some sort of pants on under there.