Tuesday, December 07, 2010


My dryer konked out last week. I only found out about it when I went to get some sheets out of it the other day.

When I was growing up we never had a dryer, just a clothesline. I'd actually been thinking about building one on my back yard for summer use. We also had one in our basment for winter use. So I decided to build one in my basement. I was amazed at how well it worked. You have to plan a little better but it takes way less energy. I like that.

A guy at work gave me an old dryer, but I'm still going to use this clothesline now. Especially for some of my bicycle kits. Some of those you ave to hand wash and air dry.


Lené Gary said...

Love your photo, and your comments reminded me of the controversy around one's "Right to Dry."

In Vermont, we passed a law that overrides homeowners association rules restricting outdoor laundry lines. I did a quick search and brought up this video, which featured a little bit of Vermont and cracked me up.


Happy Laundering. :)

don said...

If everyone has a 10,000 sq ft house they have lots of room inside for a clothesline.. :)

That's amazing. It's almost un-patriotic to make a fuss about someone using a clothesline when we are trying to find ways to save energy. Unneighborly at best.

Jules said...

This pic turned out way better than I was expecting! I love it! Or maybe I just love looking at your whites. I dunno. ;)

I love drying blankets on the line or outside. I'm not sure about clothes though.

Anyway, as usual, your ingenuity is awesome and worthy of applause.

don said...

Thank you Jules! I did throw a color or two in with my whites,.. oops..

I'm not sure my line is robust enough for a blanket. I might have to reengineer it.

Quiet Paths said...

Really great. I think my neighbor lady might think I'm crazy. I hang clothes up on the line in all kinds of weather. It dries in the cold too.

don said...

It's pretty cold in my basement actually :)

If I were president I'd introduce legislation that would provide a tax credit for those making over $250k but only if they turned in their old dryer, and dried all of their laundry on a clothesline.

I'd call it clotheslines for clunkers..

Diane said...

I must be a terrible person.

I always machine-dry my cycling kits. :(

Vixey said...

I love line dried laundry in the summer, it smells soooo good. There is nothing like getting into your bed at night on fresh sheets that spent the day out in the sun hanging on the line. mmmmmm I swear I actually sleep better too. :-)

don said...

Diane, some cycling stuff is ok to machine wash, I think Peal Izumi is ok, but I have a lot of Giordana that you have to hand wash.

Yep Vixey, that's what I remember from childhood with the sheets. It does smell good.

Diane said...

How do you know the difference Don? (I'm super lazy and wash a lot of my delicates)

The Hincapie stuff doesn't have the gluey-type elastic around the legs, only on the bottom of the back-side of the jersey. The sleeves on the jersey don't have the sticky stuff either.

don said...

It usually says on the label hand wash or machine wash. Some of the Italian stuff is hand wash only.

It's really not that hard. I just wash it in the bathroom sink, wring it out and then hang it to dry. When you do that you can see how much dirt comes out. It's pretty amazing actually.