Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Continental Divide Canada

I brought in the new year in Canada this year and I had a really nice time. It was beautiful today on my return. Here's a picture I took on the continental divide near Banff. I kept trying to get a decent picture of the ubiquitous Candadian flag, and finally got this one one. I'm guessing the other flags are BC on the left and Alberta on the right. Jules,.. you're going to have to help me out on this.

Here's a picture in Koontenay National Park of some of the forest fire burned trees. It will enlarge if you click on it. I wish I'd had more time to just take pictures as it was really beautiful up there today.


Jules said...

OH WOW!! What a wicked photo (the first one). I LOVE that!! And yes, it goes in order from left to right... British Columbia, Canada, Alberta.

don said...

Thank you Jules, That's what I thought but wasn't sure.

The picture looks too saturated on this monitor, but that's the way it came off of the camera. I could probably de-saturate it a little.

I waited and waited for that cloud to leave but it wouldn't. Finally you could see through it so I took the picture and got back on the road.

Diane said...

Pretty clouds!

don said...

I kept waiting for that one to thin out so I could see the mountain but it never would.