Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A warmer time

As the winter weather outside chills us to the bone and dampens our spirits, I think back to a warmer time, and recent trip to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. We'll return soon.

It seems to be a place where nothing changes... except the people who go swiming. It's exactly like it was when I was young, and I think I'm getting better at understanding the how the lockers work, and which doors to go in and out of. I'm getting better at reading the signs too, some of which are in French and some are those international picture signs. There's one sign in there that says you can't wear boots. (it had a picture of a boot with a line going through it..)


Diane said...

Looks nice! Better brush up on your French!

don said...

I still don't understand some of the Canadian yet.. I was in a gas station in Banff and I couldn't understand the attendant..

Jules said...

I. Love. Radium.

And the company, of course.... and I can't wait to go there again!

don said...

I can't wait either!