Monday, February 28, 2011

Long cold winter

I keep thinking that if I can just get through this winter... And then the rest of the year I long for winter again.. That's just a little crazy..

It was cold on the hill this weekend.. And those hand warmer things don't seem to work when it's 0 deg F.. They heated right up when I got in my warm car.. They should put more stuff in them or something.. (Just a suggestion hand warmer guys..) I guess I was expecting them to be warm.. Maybe they don't work so well when it's cold out?..


Diane said...

Those trees look so cold! Maybe the hand-warmer people can make branch warmers too!

don said...

The picture was from a couple of weeks go and I remember freezing my hands to get the pics.

It was too cold to use my camera last weekend.

Lené Gary said...

Great photograph! I'm going to have to make it up a mountain here so I can offer a large view of New England's winterscape soon.

Jules said...

I love the photo. Diane's right, they do look cold!

I will try some of those hand warmers here. Maybe they work ok in still weather, but as soon as wind goes on them it cools them too much? Cuz it gets quite windy up at the top of the mountain, and while skiing down.

I'm totally 100% ready for winter to be over. Well, maybe 89% ready... I'd love to ski a couple more times before the snow all goes away.

don said...

Thanks Lene, for some reason every time I take a picture up there I'm never happy with it. I'd love to see a photo of the mountains where you live. I think the ones in this picture are called the Selkirk Mountains. Not the best view of them actually.

Thanks Jules, I had the hand warmers in my gloves the whole time. I guess you have to take them out into the air and shake them to get them to work. They did get hot in my car and in my pocket for a while. And they were sort of warm and better than nothing in my gloves. I'm going to try and enjoy this last month or so of skiing. I love spring skiing.