Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowboarders in the wind

It was windy on the top of the ski hill today. (or should I say snowboard hill..) Made it hard to keep your balance at times.


Jules said...

Do you ever feel like there should be separate runs for skiers and snowboarders? When I went that one time, I felt insecure about the boarders cutting me off.

It totally looks windy... I hope you stayed warm!

don said...

That sort of thing has been tried but it doesn't really work. Boarders are great for ski resorts as it brings in a bunch of money that wasn't there with skiers alone.

I've been hit a couple of times by snowboarders turning into their blind side. Since they are sidways on the board they can't see well on one turn, and they always turn to stop into their blind side. They hardly ever come to a full stop because they have to sit down if they do. One time Samantha was totally pasted out by a boarder who hit her from behind.

But I don't actually have it in for them. They are good for the ski industry. I woudln't mind trying it at some point, but I value my time on skis so much I don't seem to get the chance.