Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A room with a view

This is the view from the last hospital room. A room with a view.. It really wasn't a bad view considering, and at night you could see the whole beautiful city of Spokanistan.

I've been spending quite a bit of time in hospital rooms with famliy members lately. Everyone is ok by the way, but there's always that uncertainty.. Like, when is the doctor coming today?.. Are they going to let us out or want another test?.. So you wait and wait and wait.. They even have rooms just for waiting in.. Are you waiting for something?. I guess I'm waiting for test results, or paperwork to get done but I'm not sure.. Why don't you wait in the waiting room?.. There's more of the same uncomfortable chairs in there.. Will I wait faster in there?.. I'm thinking, why don't they make some of these waiting rooms into task accomplishing rooms?.. If they'd get things done faster we wouldn't have to sit around waiting so much..

Or put the people waiting to work.. Put a sign on the wall,.. If you have typing skills report to the blood lab.. Handyman with plumbing experience needed in hydrotherapy, floor 8...

I always wonder when I see a patient walking down the hall,. Gosh, I wonder what's wrong with that guy?.. I wonder if he even knows? Nobody seems to know what's going on. I'm not even sure the doctor knows what's going on because the tests results never seem to come back. He's like a substitute doctor anyway,.. only there for the day and tomorrow you get a new doctor who doesn't seem to know what's going on. Maybe they know and just don't want to tell you.

People in the hospital always feel trapped and want to get out. I always sort of feel like that,. like the whole world is moving along outside while you are sitting around waiting. Even if it's a town like this, it's still better than being in the hospital. When they built this town they managed to make the maximum congested mess in the smallest space possible.. I guess being in the hospital isn't too bad here when you actually think about leaving..


Jules said...

It's unfortunate that you had circumstances that took place in a hospital at all.. I'm still stressing about that.

The only good place in a hospital is the delivery ward... that's the only time I've ever been in a hospital and felt good about being there.

I actually laughed at this post.. your whole outlook on waiting was funny... "will I wait faster?" LOL

Seriously, I'm so so relieved that everything's ok. xoxo

don said...

Like why do they waste the space on waiting,.. If they used that room to get a few more things done there'd be a lot less waiting.

Or put the people waiting to work.. Put a sign on the wall,.. If you have typing skills report to the blood lab..

Lené Gary said...

Poignant post, Don. Sending good thoughts your way.

delicacies said...

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don said...

Thank you Lene, I can use the good thoughts..

Ok,.. I'll follow you back. I've always wondered about Malaysia