Sunday, August 07, 2011

Boating on Flathead Lake

Here are some pictures of boating on Flathead Lake over the weekend. It's like summer just got started and it's already two thirds over.. So I took my big boat out for the first time this summer. Queenie says I'm a "water baby".. Well she might be right. What I don't understand is why all of those mornings fishing at Flathead Lake with my dad seemed to be hours and hours long? These days it feels like I never get enought time to enjoy the lake in the morning. But I did get to launch my 1976 Cruisers Bonanza (cool retro boat BTW if I do say so myself..) and take a tour of the bay as I drank my Tim Hortons coffee. It was a real treat. You can see Wild Horse Island on the left in the distance and Melita Island on the right with "mac alley" inbetween. That's were we used to fish for the big Lake Trout. Ok I realize you aren't supposed to take pictures into the sun but what the heck, that's what it looked like! (I always take picutres into the sun.. cause I just don't care, and I hate rules like that.)

Here is a picture of Melita Island on the right and Wild Horse Island on the left in the distance. There were scouts on the island just getting up and it reminded me of my time on the island all of those years ago. What a great experience for those kids to spend time camping on the island like I did. Scouting has changed a lot since I was there.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.


Jules said...

Oh wow, wow!! I love that first pic, it's perfect (and I love the sun and it's reflection). You are most at home in or on water, or surrounded by water. Who wouldn't be, having grown up going to a place as stunning as that almost every weekend? You teach me to embrace and love the water even more than I already did before meeting you, and I love that too.

Quiet Paths said...

That is a really great first shot. Just a beautiful day.

don said...

Yes it's always nice there no matter what the weather Jules. I like it when there's a storm too.

I do envy the people who live in this area Quiet Paths.

Todd said...


I love the photo you took in 2011 entitled "Boating on Flathead Lake". I too am a graphic designer and I would like to purchase the rights to that photo. I have an idea I would like to use it for. It may work or not but I want to try. Contact me at if you are interested in selling me the photo out right. Also let me know what you would sell for. I am a freelance graphic designer so you know I'm not rich, being a graphic designer yourself.

Todd said...

Hi Don,

Love this photo "Boating on Flathead Lake". I would like to purchase it for a project I am working on. If you are willing to let me buy the rights to this photo, please contact me at and let me know what you would like for it. I am just a freelance graphic designer so I'm not rich by an means. This idea I have may work or not, but I'm giving it a shot. Let me know asap.

Thanks- Todd

don said...

Hi Todd,

Thanks for showing interest in my photo.

I'm not licensing or selling photos for the time being, but thanks for asking first, It shows that you respect property rights and I think that's very cool and very important as a designer. There are many people who don't and I spend too much time hunting them down.

I've never been down south or to Mississippi but I'd love to go there some day and bring my camera.

I'm sorry I can't help you out but best wishes and good luck.