Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tree family

Sorry for not posting lately. Or something.. Why am I apologizing for that? It isn't like I don't have anything to post or say.. I have to admit that I haven't taken the best pictures or anything lately even though I have gone to Canada and it's always nice up there. I did run across this picture from a set that I took going up there last year. I posted a horizontal version of it and I remember at the time thinking I should have posted this one instead. So here it is. The vertical picture.

Gosh that last post below about the Garmin GPS wasn't very uplifting.. It does suck though that it konked out. But I need to let it go.. My mom gave me this carpet cleaner thing. You put hot water in it and carpet soap and it scrubs the carpet. It's like big vacuum cleaner. It did a pretty good job. New carpet is nice, and old carpet is dirty and not so nice.

I went and looked at an old travel trailer to buy last week. It was a good deal and would have been nice after it was fixed up but I want one that is old but looks like new. This one was old and looked old. I guess I'll squeeze a little more life out of my camper. When I find the right trailer I'll get it. Then I'll go out and camp somewhere with a view.


Jules said...

Ohh, I recalled this pic from before. I like the vertical version too.. maybe even better cuz it shows the size of things better.

New carpet is nice, but it sure doesn't take long for it to start looking old. Even if it's vaccumed all the time.

I've just grown to love the current camper. You'll find one like you want when the time is right. It'll be meant to be.

Your randomness in this post is cute. :*

Diane said...

Those trees are nice. I wonder what the old tree tells the young ones.

don said...

This picture had more color in the sky I think. I like the old camper too. Just need to fix the counter top now, and a few other things. Its a nice place to be when it's raining.

The trees whisper to eachother in the wind. Who knows what they are saying? Tree things I guess.. "Watch out for those humans, All we do is make air for them and they always cut us down.."