Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Equal time for the Snark Tuner

So my mom and my girlfriend both bought me the same Christmas present.. A guitar headstock tuner.. Mom bought me a Crafter, and Queenie bought me a Snark. I've blogged about the Crafter so this is equal time for the Snark.

I love them both. They each have features I like. The Snark seems to have better display resolution when you are on a note, and it also seems to have a quicker response time to each note. It also has a metronome, which keeps you on time. The Crafters displays the frequencey and also has some pre-sets for guitar and bass as well as cromatic. They both have capo features and allow you to alter the pitch. (I think they both do anyway)

All in all I'm very happy to have them both. I have more than one guitar so why not have more than one tuner hey? This way I can have one tuner on my mandolin and one on my guitar and that sort of thing.

I've found that my Seagull mini jumbo guitar has the best intonation of all of my guitars up and down the neck. Even better than my Martin (not counting the telecaster as it has an adjustable bridge) I sort of knew this Seagull was good that way when I first picked it up as I knew I had to have it. It doesn't have the full tone of the Martin though as it doesn't have solid back and sides, but still for the money the low end Seagulls are nice guitars if you are picky about intonation and don't have a lot of money. I haven't played any solid wood Seagulls, but I'm pretty sure they must be good. Plus they are made in Canada!


Jules said...

I guess it's good that I didn't take it back when I found out mom bought you one, then. I'm also happy that I got you something you wanted and that it works well. Nest time you come here, bring an instrument, hey? :*

Quiet Paths said...

Oh that is a nice one. You are well cared for now.

Diane said...

One at the lake, and one at home?

don said...

This tuner rocks. I like using it best on the mandolin, so I'll most likely keep this one in the mando case and use the other one on the guitar for the most part that is.