Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Years resolution

Man,.. I hate having my desktop cluttered,.. so today I spent a little time sorting things out. I know,.. I should have been skiing but it looked nasty on the mountain today. At the end of the day yesterday the snow came in and it was pretty much a blizzard up there and so today I decided to be domestic. The snow was hitting me in the face and it wasn't pleasant. Anyway today I cleaned up the house and this sort of thing. So when I turned on my computer and saw all of these icons on my desktop screen I decided to extend my cleaning to my computer.

So there's that.. I realize I haven't been blogging that much lately. Haven't been doing that much photography either. I think part of that is because it's winter and sometimes that doesn't always make for the best pictures. I did go to Walmart today and bought some NiMH batteries for an old Nikon 5600 point and shoot that I've been wanting to use. So I'll carry that camera around with me and perhaps it will motivate me to take more pictures. Great little camera... They just don't make em like that anymore... (who would have ever thought I'd say that about a digital camera..?) Things change so quickly these days,. or so it seems.

Some things don't really change that much. Guitars and mandolins haven't changed that much over the years. I spent a little time playing today. Not at all enough but it was something. I really need to set aside x amount of time to practice without distraction each day but who can find the time?.. So maybe that's my new year's resolution,. set aside some time to practice each day. No way could it be to keep my house uncluttered.. That's just not going to happen.


Jules said...

I think that's a great new years resolution. I'd love to hear you play them more.

I didn't make a resolution this year. I'm not sure why though.

don said...

Most people don't keep resolutions but I don't see the harm in making them.

Anonymous said...

Having a new year resolution is a great thing but working it, achieve it is most people fail to do so!

Good luck in achieve your new year resolutions! for this year i'm determine to be a technology geek XD

don said...

Usually I don't keep new years resolutions, but I don't think I'll have a problem with this one. Good luck with yours!