Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aristocrat travel trailer

Well I've been working on the vintage Aristocrat travel trailer to get it ready for summer camping. The previous owner had removed the awning that covers the front windows. It protects the windows from rocks on the highway and provides shade when camping. Plus they just look cool and the Aristocrat looked naked without it because trailers this vintage usually had them. Anyway the awning came in pieces with the trailer. So I managed to find all of the pieces, clean the years of grime off of the fiberglass pieces and figure out how it all went back together. I still have to get a few sheet metal screws for that. The picture above shows the awning closed, and below it is open.

Next I need to work on the truck side of my lighting issues. I think I have a bad ground somewhere in my truck connector as I get very weak lights on my boat trailer as well and I don't have this problem with the other tow vehicle, so I'm going to take apart and solder all of those connections. Then I need to figure out the wiring situation inside the trailer. The interior lights work but I don't understand how the running and tail lights are hooked up or how the RV battery plays in. I might even have to take this in to someone to reslove this but I'll try myself first.


Jules said...

EEEEE! I can't wait for this summer! The awning looks awesome, you've done such a wonderful job. You always do when you set out to conquer something. That had to be quite a puzzle to figure out. :*

Quiet Paths said...

That is one sweet camper. Did it winter well? We get to put the floor in our Queenie this weekend.

don said...

Thanks Jules, everything takes longer than you think it will. I'm just glad I found all of the parts.

Yes it did ok over the winter. High winds blew the tarp off once this spring and I really had it tied down. but I got it back on. I want to get one of those metal roof things to park it under.

Good luck with your flooring!

Quiet Paths said...

We bought aluminum drip covers for the windows which helped a lot. They only added to its retro character. We didn't even have to cover it with a tarp this winter. I just love old campers. I wish I had a whole yard full of them... :)

don said...

The Aristocrat came with drip covers, but one of the louvered windows won't shut tight, and the rain blew in there. It was really pouring down and blowing.

The roof doesn't leak but I've found with my slide in camper that it's a good idea to cover them anyway, it prevents them from developing a leak, because snow freezes and melts expands and contracts. Water will eventually find its way in even on a new unit.

What I really want is one of those metal roof things to park it under. I'd feel a lot better about it and it would be much easier than tarping.

With a camper and trailer in my back yard it does look like I have a yard full of them... But I do love the trailer.

Quiet Paths said...

Oh that is a good insight about covering them anyway. Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

don said...

My boss had a new camper, and thinking it wouldn't leak they left it uncovered in the winter. The first year it didn't leak, but the next year it leaked around the vent and they didn't discover it until sping. They've been covering it since or storing it inside. The plastic vent lids also last much longer covered but yours is probably metal.