Monday, May 14, 2012

Kootenay National Park pictures

Queenie and I went to Kootenay National Park over the weekend and took a lot of pictures. This is the Kootenay River at Dolly Varden.

Looking the other direction from the same spot at Dolly Varden.

Here's a picture of Queenie taking a picture of the Kootenay River. We both enjoy photography and Kootenay Park is beautiful this time of year as everything is coming back to life.

But watch out for the Bears! They are coming back to life too. This is a black bear with a brown pelt. A brown bear in color only and not a Grizzly. Between us we saw a total of seven bears in the park. We saw a black bear sow with two cubs, one that was black and one that was brown like the bear above. It isn't the best picture but here they are below. My uncle would call a brown black bear like this a "cinamon bear". So I think there's a lot of confusion when it comes to calling a bear a brown bear, because Brown bear technically means part of the family of bears that includes Grizzly and Kodiak, and that's different from a black bear. But I can see why we get confused. Brown black bears do look different than regular black bears.


Jules said...

Wow, HBB, great photos, I love them all! I think your brown black bear photo is better than my bear photos. It's a special place, for sure. Of course, I'd go anywhere as long as it was with you.

don said...

Thank you, it is a very special place. I think you've taken better bear photos though.