Sunday, May 06, 2012

Picture of Flathead Lake

I was watching this TV show about this artist, and he was making all of these circles that sort of all looked the same to me. Different but the same. It showed these people going through the art gallery looking at these cirlces and I had to wonder what they were thinking,.. Like that one is slightly different than the last one we looked at.., but very much the same.. I imagined they thought..

And then on my way to Flathead Lake I was listening to the new CD I bought for the road trip. The complete Columbia recordings of the Stanley Brothers. Ralph and Carter Stanley. Old time bluegrass recordings from 1949 to 1952. After listening to this music for quite a while I started to think that all of these songs sounded pretty much the same. Different but the same..

At Flathead Lake I took some pictures in the moring of Flathead Lake. Then I was looking at them and I thought,.. all of my pictures of Flathead Lake look the same.. different but the same...

So here's another picture of Flathead Lake that is different but much the same as all of the other pictures I've taken. Still,.. not going to stop me from taking more.


Jules said...

It's probably the things that feel the same that make us comfortable as life passes by and the things that we regard as different that make things exciting. So in moments where we feel things are different but the same, there's something soothing yet intriguing about them. With photography, half the enjoyment of it is capturing something you've seen and trying to do it justice. If it takes 1 or 1000 attempts, if you get an image you love enough to post, it's all worthwhile... whether it's different but the same or just something completely new. Your photo is very pretty. Soothing colors and great composition... and I thank you for posting it!

don said...

It's something I never get tired of.