Monday, July 23, 2012

Glacier Waterton park vacation

Queenie and I spend the week up in Glacier National Park with a day trip up to Waterton. Here's a pic I took of Waterton. I've been wanting to go up there for a long time now and finally got to do it on a beatiful day. I'll post more pics of that area later.

We camped on the west side of Glacier for the first part of the week in Apgar and then we moved to the east side and made Two Medicine our base camp. Here's a pic of the 1969 Aristocrat travel trailer that was our home for a week. It was very comfy and everything worked with the exception of the oven pilot light which kept going out, but I'm sure I can resolve that problem. The fridge worked as did the toilet and we kept dry in the most intense rain storms.

Here's a pic of queenie and me on Logan Pass. I haven't had time to blog lately but I plan to post more pics of this vacation as we took a lot. It was really beautiful up there and there's a lot to go through.


Quiet Paths said...

Very nice. Waterton used to be a yearly destination for us but then we discovered other places less crowded. Yes, BTW that is Bowman Lake on my most recent post. Just a couple days ago. The lake of my childhood.

don said...

I've never been to Waterton as an adult so it was a treat to see the big hotel and view. Same with Many Glacier.

I was at Bowman once as a kid fishing with my Dad. We thought about taking the kayaks up there this trip but didn't get around to it.

I was listening to an audio book on NPR last night called Tenting Tonight by Mary Roberts Rienhart. It's a 1918 account of a backcountry trip on horseback up the west side of the park camping and fishing to the Canadian border and then over to the Cascades (by train) for more backcountry. They go to Bowman I guess. Might have to get that book.

Jules said...

Beautiful places to see with the most wonderful person I can imagine to see it all with. I loved it all, HB.

don said...

Me too sweetie!

Quiet Paths said...

It had been way too long since I had been to Bowman. The campground is nice and the NF road is tolerable but not fun. We took our tent camper but it was a nail biter getting up there the last six miles. Next time we'll take the tent.
That book sounds like something I would enjoy. My grandmother talked about doing a "vacation" with horse and buggy riding from Eastern MT to Yellowstone Park around 1903 when she was little.
Thanks for the book tip.
Glad you two enjoyed yourselves. Awesome places...

don said...

That's good to know about the road. I was told by the Many Glacier camp host the road wasn't the best for at least our old trailer. And my old F250 is pretty stiff and doesn't like the bumpy roads much either.

I thought about camping at Quarts Creek or Logging Creek and then just driving in to kayak but there's never enough time for everything, and I had never camped on the east side of the park so that was a priority. We found that it's often windy on the east side for kayaking.

My Dad's family grew up on the east side and used to camp over there in the old days. I'd always heard that Gertrude loved to stay at Two Medicine and now I know why.