Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Medicine and Saint Mary

Two storms moved through the park while we were there. One was bad enough to close the Going to the Sun Highway for a day. It just poured down rain. We had two small leaks around the windows of the Aristocrat during the first rain storm but it was easily fixed with a little silicone when the weather cleared. While we were in Two Medicine the ranger warned us about the "perfect storm" that was going to hit us again. But we decided to go to Waterton anyway and spend the day in the sunshine to the north. When we got back to Two Medicine (above) the storm was clearning.

The picture above is Saint Mary Lake with clouds rolling in.


Jules said...

I'm really glad we didn't let bad weather get in the way of our trip to Waterton. It was better than "hunkering down" would have been like the ranger wanted us to do.

Pretty photos, HB. I guess I'd better start posting some more on my blog. :)

don said...

absolutely, you made the right call.