Thursday, July 26, 2012

Logan Pass photo

I know a lot of people take this picture at the top of Logan Pass looking east but I thought this one had good color. We drove up the east side of the Going to the Sun Highway this trip and I haven't been up that side of the pass in years. Lately we've been taking the free bus up the west side and I think that's really the thing to do instead of driving up, especially when there's lots of people, plus it saves on gas. It's often hard to find a place to park if you go up during the middle of the day anyway.

The red busses aren't free though just the more modern shuttles, but it's still nice that they are around as they give the park that nostalgic feel. I'm just the kind of guy that if I can be on a free bus or pay to take the red one, I'll go on the free one every time! Here's a red bus above Upper Saint Mary's Lake.


Jules said...

I like the look of the red bus tours too, but I can't fathom paying that sort of money either. I think it's like $70. I've found that the people that drive the free buses are quite pleasant and happy to be there too, I like that.

I love those two photos, too, HB. I took one very similar to that red bus tour one. :)

don said...

It would be fun to ride the red bus, but as long as there's a free one I'll stick to that one. It would be nice if they would paint the free ones red and black though..